The Experiment

The sex movies I've featured so far are usually set up on a certain premise: one straight man and one gay/bisexual man. I've been wondering for a while now what would happen if you paired up two totally straight dudes and told them to fuck. So I rounded up two of my best studs, Eric and Dylan, and talked them into it. When they arrived for the shoot, the sexual tension was immediate... I mean it was so thick you could almost see it. They were both real nervous, so we just got right down to business. I had them get undressed and give each other massages. Then I put a porno on to get them in the mood. Eric's virgin ass was real tight... we had quite a time getting Dylan's cock in there. It was kind of painful for Eric at first and Dylan took it easy on him. After a while, Eric relaxed and if you listen close you can hear him moaning softly. This movie is a little like watching two virgins go at it for the first time. But hey, I satisfied my curiosity and broke in a straight virgin boyhole at the same time... not bad for a day's work!


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